About us

Our Team

A combination of digital entrepreneurs and senior engineers as well as highly experienced global luxury real estate sales and marketers.

Dave Evans

Director and Founder
Dave brings valuable experience of international mobile businesses and heavy-lift technology structure and architecture. He has experience as CTO in several companies and his knowledge will help to develop a rich and high quality product.

Alistair Brown

Director and Investor
Alistair has 25 years of experience in real estate markets in North America and Europe. His network and knowledge provide real time understanding of the market and what it takes to sell in the real estate industry.

Nick Hynes

Nick has been establishing successful fast-growing companies for the last two decades, providing DRET with the advice and guidance needed to succeed.

Judith Lacey

Implementation General Manager
Judith has several years’ senior management level experience in technology start ups and before that in financial services. She brings strategy and marketing expertise to DRET.

Carl Uminski

Carl is an industry pioneer with over 16 years’ experience creating new products, platforms and executing scalable growth strategies across the globe, contributing to DRET’s strategic plans.
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